Sathira Tennakoon

Hello, I'm glad you found me.
My name is Sathira and I like to make music that fits somewhere between electronic and classical.


In 2022, Sathira released his first single "Home" as a tribute to Piano Day, and he is set to release his debut EP in late 2023. Stay tuned for more from Sathira in the coming months.


Sathira Tennakoon is a producer, composer, and instrumentalist based in Sri Lanka. His music occupies a space between classical and electronic genres, with compositions that often follow cinematic narratives. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Ólafur Arnalds, Hania Rani, Janus Rasmussen, and AVAWAVES, Sathira's music is both innovative and deeply personal. He also works as an audio programmer, exploring new creative possibilities in music and technology.